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Learn Elixir: Building a Neural Network from Scratch (32 minutes)
Karmen Blake
Given On: 2016-03-04T13:10:00.000Z
Developing OpenStack as a Framework for NFV (39 minutes)
Stephen Gordon
Adrian Hoban
Alan Kavanagh
Given On: 2015-11-09T13:13:00.000Z
Registry Design Patterns (24 minutes)
C J Silverio
Given On: 2016-07-30T18:20:00.000Z
Walk n' Doc (5 minutes)
Everett Toews
Given On: 2014-07-23T19:00:00.000Z
Refactoring from Good to Great (41 minutes)
Ben Orenstein
Given On: 2012-09-20T15:40:00.000Z
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