allows you to discover interesting topics that you might not think to look for, including collections of approachable academic lectures, conference talks, interviews, documentaries, and historically significant speeches.

Generally, transcript talks and the speaker’s bio are searchable, so that you can find presenters who have a unique angle on their content.

Video and audio content is scored for a variety of quality measures, including length, audio quality, presentation style, speaker authority, and more.

I offer specialized search features for a few niche topics, such as the ability to find talks that discuss specific health conditions, programming languages, or the history of a specific nation or territorial region.

I encourage you to experience history in a new way by pairing lectures from history classes at prestigious institutions with a large collection of historical ethnographic interviews, speeches by U.S. presidents, and speeches by leaders from the U.S. Civil Rights movement (more to come).


If you know a good presenter that I’re missing, I’re happy to add more content.

Generally, I favor informative talks that are 30-60 minutes long, which can be be watched on their own, and understood by a lay audience.

I'm always looking. If you have a lead, let us know! I favor informative or historically significant talks that are 30 - 60 minutes long, that have impacted how you think about the world.

I prioritize speakers who are experts in their field, creative thinkers, and great leaders, as well as primary source material. I love learning about big moments in history, and small moments with significance. I like to hear about science, history, and personal revelations; literature, technology, and anything that changes how I think about the world around us.

I get especially excited when I find high quality content by authors with a unique perspective. To aid the curation process, I prefer content that is produced by universities and research organizations, conferences, well-known publishers, libraries, or non-profits who are truly passionate about what they do.

Most of all, I love learning about the things that you are passionate about.

Requests for Content

Some areas are particularly challenging to find - here are some topics where I'd love to expand the collection:


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